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The World Needs Energy Saving Air Conditioning

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Each year air conditioning systems consume more than one trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity. In warmer climates, or during hotter periods of the year, they can represent as much as 50% of total energy consumption at an organizational level.The systems are known to be energy saving air conditioner in UAE and Air conditioner energy saver in Saudi Arabia.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioners Energy Saver is used to reduce the energy consumption of commercial air conditioning systems across the globe, improving comfort levels, equipment performance, and reliability at the same time.


The Air Conditioning Troubles


  • Air Conditioning Systems are layout to reduce, and then maintain, internal building temperatures by providing force-cooled air until a predetermined comfort level is achieved.
  • These Systems have generally switched on or off automatically in a series of cycles via a time clock or room thermostat, in many cases combined with a simple programmer.
  • Air is taken from the internal environment and passed over a series of coils within the system to extract the heat. The energy-intensive compressor cools the coils. Typically, the compressor and fan run continuously until the room thermostat is satisfied.
  • A massive part of the system’s energy consumption is associated with the compressor, which is often oversized for its application. The air conditioner compressor mister often continues to operate without benefiting the environment as a result of the effect known as thermodynamic saturation.
  • Thermodynamic saturation occurs as cooling takes effect and temperature differentials between air entering and leaving the system narrow. The Systems continue to cool air needlessly, with the compressor consuming energy without benefit.

Benefits Air Conditioner with Energy Saver

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    Simple to install on existing equipment and requires zero maintenance.

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    Improves comfort levels with Energy Saver.

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    Reduces Maintenance

    Extends life of the equipment and reduces need for maintenance with Energy Saver.

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    Saves Energy

    Reduces energy consumption by up to 35% with AC Energy Saver

Best solution with High-Efficiency Air Conditioners Energy Savers in UAE

  • Air Conditioning Energy Saver assures that your existing air conditioning system performs at its most efficient by directly addressing the issue of thermodynamic saturation.
  • Through leading temperature sensing and control algorithms, Air Conditioner Energy Saving Suadi Arabia identifies the exact point at which thermodynamic saturation is reached and switches the compressor off.
  • Any latent cooling potential still present within the coils is utilized through continued operation of the system’s fan, which only uses a negligible amount of the overall energy consumption associated with air conditioning.
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