About US

Gerab Group is 36 years old group with its Gerab Energy Systems main office located in Dubai, UAE. Gerab started its humble beginning in 1977 and today has its operation throughout GCC along with USA, India and the Far East. Gerab Energy Systems implements the Adiabatic cooling system from world-class sustainable technologies and build a new model for the globe of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Retrofit.

Gerab Energy Systems LLC has parts of huge commercial sectors such as Oil and Gas, IT, Trading, Contracting and Real Estate Gerab organization had parent companies gave it a great authority on their policies and business practice with Gerab National Enterprises LLC, Gerab Energy Systems LLC, Gerab Systems Technology L LC, Gerab Systems Solutions, LLC. Gerab Energy Solution brings to pass high quality products from world-class manufacturers.

Gerab Energy Systems as a worldwide workstation located in a

  • Jebel
  • Ali Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Doha
  • Dammam
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Hyderabad
  • Houston

Gerab is competent to provide a decisive supply solution to its shoppers. Gerab team serves its clients in the execution of new capital projects. Sales managers manage regular contact with clients and sustain their acquisition for all needs from over the world. Gerab’s wise personnel and staff are guided by a common vision and shared values. Every individual is committed to the company’s success, and work towards enriching its reputation and standing in the community. Integrity, Building Relationship, Ownership & Commitment, Teamwork and Customer Focus are Gerab’s core values.

We build in, uphold and make better for all HVAC Retrofit Products in UAE.
Gerab Energy Systems is a slice of Gerab National Enterprises group imported new innovative products such as SMART COOLING, ECO SHIELD & ACES. From this innovative product of Gerab Energy Systems creates your environments cool and better.

We are rectifiers to energize tomorrow’s world today.
Gerab Energy Systems LLC is a LED Lighting distributor who offers a LED lighting solutions. Lighting Division of Gerab Energy Systems represents the LED lighting brands such as ETAP,VIZULO, CITINETLLY, ROBUS SOLAR.

We are a creator of the energy efficiency
Gerab Energy Systems offers a wide range of energy saving and capability solutions for all Industrial and Commercial sectors Gerab solution delivered an efficient Energy Saving improvements, and enrich the complete experience within commercial estate and range of products and solutions includes

  • SOLAR – Panel & Street Lighting
  • SMART Steam Traps
  • ENISCOPE – Real-time Energy Management System
  • iMEC – Intelligent Motor Energy Controller
  • FuelCell Energy – Ultra Clean, Efficient, and Reliable Power