Steam Trap


Steam is one of the most expensive utilities in the manufacturing plants in the US. Effective maintenance on a steam system is necessary to ensure high product quality and longevity of the steam reticulation system. Steam trap suppliers in UAE will be the best to meet these needs.

One of the equipment that requires ongoing maintenance is steam trap. When more boiler fuel is used, the leaking steam traps waste energy, affect product quality, waste water, and adversely affect the environment through greenhouse gas emissions.

SMART steam traps will permanently stop inefficiencies and will operate efficiently even in varying load conditions. Conventional steam traps have lots of moving parts which can wear out and fail. However, SMART steam traps have none of these. All SMART series steam traps solutions are built from stainless steel and come with a 20-year mechanical and performance guarantee to ensure the trap will work properly, providing benefits to manufacturing plants for an extended period of time. Steam traps, on an average, have been found to reduce energy bills by up to 20%. These solutions have also found to reduce chemical treatment, and CO emissions dramatically. Also, it has expanded the support in such a way so-called Steam trap solutions Saudi Arabia.

How does the Smart Trap Solution work?


The overall capacity of the trap is comprised of two parts. First, a portion of the capacity is controlled by the diameter of the condensate removal channel. Second, a portion of the capacity is controlled by the back pressure that is generated inside the Venturi insert using flash steam. The replaceable insert has a reverse cone-shaped opening at the top leading to the Venturi section where the self-regulation process occurs. This happens due to the physics of pressure change, a change in density, and energy conservation. As the higher-pressure condensate enters the Venturi section, a small portion turns into flash steam and creates a barrier to the live steam. The flash steam is generated by the combination of the pressure drop across the channel and the difference in the density of the steam compared to the condensate. The higher the pressure differential across the trap, the more condensate is converted to flash steam. The combination of the channel diameter and the production of flash steam give the Venturi trap its overall capacity and ability to handle varying condensate loads.

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