Eniscope – Real-time Energy Monitoring System


A high level study of many Industrial and Commercial buildings says that all of us,? at any given point of time, are wasting at least 40% of our energy. However, the biggest problem is we do not know which 40% is wasted.

This is because energy is invisible when in use. It is impossible to evaluate or compare the energy consumed by the equipment you use. The options available to infuse science in optimizing the energy consumption is not possible because all of us get a consumption bill once in a month. The limited intelligence we can use to conserve energy can be done out of guesswork. The options available today are either manually switching off the utilities or having sensors to switch of the utilities to manage out of office hours wastage of electricity. It is difficult to manage something when you cannot measure something. For measuring something, you would need to monitor. Very limited options are available in the energy space to do so.

Eniscope Energy Solution UAE is a unique energy analyzer that plugs into your system, monitors the energy consumptions and relays meaningful real time energy data and graphical analysis locally and over the web.

Now, the management can see the real-time energy consumption of buildings, departments, circuits and even isolated machines. This gives lots of transparency and will help not only in eliminating out of hours waste but also in exposing energy abusing equipment.

Eniscope Energy Monitor Saudi Arabia combines world-class smart metering technology with an advanced energy network controller. This gives you real time 24/7 energy displays and engages users with live readings and real-time graphical logs within reach from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

Log in to Eniscope’s beautifully designed Energy Displays to see all the information you need in a language you understand. You can splice and dice the data and get real time insights into KW consumption, peak demand, carbon output or money spent over any period of time ranging from hours to days to weeks.

This energy monitoring system helps you to spot trends, anomalies and wastage and enables you to make informed decisions. This energy monitor helps you to see immediate results from improvements you’ve made. You can decide if you have taken the right decision. You’re in complete control.

End result? A smaller carbon footprint, better public perception and lower energy costs.

Our customers of Eniscope Energy Monitoring System in UAE and Saudi Arabia have been able to get the following benefits:

  • Identify Saving Opportunities of up to 40%
  • Eliminate Out of Hours Waste
  • Expose Energy Abusing Equipment
  • Real-time Energy Displays Engage Users and Improve Efficiencies
  • Historical Analysis Tools Help to Target Continual Reductions
  • Email & SMS Alerts Accelerate Response to Excess Consumption
  • Promote the Value of your Renewable Energy Investment

How does it work?


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